We are that kid who has always been misunderstood. They tell us to be less strange, less crazy, to be less than we are.  They pulled on rules on us so ridiculous that it's funny. They put us into boxes they invented and tell us that is where we belong. They don’t know. They never do.

XQ is for those who seek genuine friendship and originality. We care about nothing but your well-being, both physically and mentally. We'll plan ahead of the amazing time you are about to have in our little party town of Pattaya, if you'll let us.

Feel the music matches your heartbeat and the art touches your soul. Our bar is basically your playground with a bartender. We are far from perfect though. Go talk to any of our smiley crews and tell us what’s wrong. Tell us how we can make it even better for you. 

On top of all, we have been you, and we feel you. All we strive for, is that for you to have a good time. We care an awful lot of that!

So welcome XQ-ers, Join the Club!